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Apr 09

RosBREED: For the first time, U.S. peach breeders implement Marker-Assisted Breeding

The perfect peach, one that meets consumer preferences for flavor and texture and producer preferences for performance, remains elusive.  Peach breeders are striving to fill this need; however, breeding a new peach cultivar is slow and inefficient, often requiring more than 15 years. Peach breeders have a hard time predicting which individuals would be the …

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Feb 19

RosBREED: For the first time, U.S. apple breeders implement Marker-Assisted Breeding

The success of recent introductions of new apple scion cultivars in the U.S. provides clear evidence that both consumers and the industry are eager for genetic innovations with appealing new fruit quality characteristics. The spectacular commercial impact of ‘Honeycrisp’, developed by the University of Minnesota, is an exciting indicator of this opportunity. However, developing and delivering …

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Oct 15

Better irrigation in greenhouses and nurseries saves both money and water

The US greenhouse and nursery industry supplies consumers with ornamental plants, vegetable seedlings, and fruit trees for use in gardens throughout North America. Irrigation in greenhouses and nurseries can be difficult to manage, because many of the plants are grown in fairly small pots that may need to be watered several times per day. And …

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Mar 03

Locally Grown Ethnic Greens and Herbs: Demand Assessments and Production Opportunities for East Coast Farmers

Hispanics and Asians living in the United States had a combined purchasing power of almost $1.5 trillion in 2009, representing a major market opportunity for farmers on the East Coast. The primary focus of this project was to analyze consumer demand for ethnic greens/herbs, understand willingness to pay a premium for fresh leafy greens/herbs, document …

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Nov 22

Hazelnut breeding for disease resistance and climate adaptation

Oregon produces 99% of US commercial hazelnuts, with farmgate sales at $60-75 million. Oregon hazelnuts attract a premium price for large nuts compared to any other production area. Commercial plantings began in 1905; the area planted to hazelnuts reached 29,000 acres in 1986 when eastern filbert blight (EFB) was found in Clackamas County, OR. Chemical …

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Nov 19

Farmers Improve Sweetpotato Production Efficiency

Growth in the processing sector and nutrition conscious consumers are fueling sweetpotato popularity in the United States.  Production of the crop exceeded two billion lbs in 2010, the largest crop since 1950.  In addition, domestic per capita consumption increased by 34% during the last decade.  Yet variable yields, ranging from 350-900 bushels/acre, and rising production …

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